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Isabella with a SWORD

fiercynn in bitchinparty


Hi guys! Sorry this took us so long to put up, but here is the full list of the vid show from Saturday night!

[personal profile] scribe and I had SUCH a wonderful time putting together the vid shows for both BP 2014 and 2016, and we really hope you enjoyed it as well! Thanks again to everyone who made it happen - the vidders who let us show their masterpieces, [personal profile] feedingonwind for agreeing to be filmed, and, of course, brynnmck for EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD.

Oh, and if you enjoyed the vids, please please please go let the vidders know how much! They will appreciate it more than you know.

And, without further ado!

Act I

Intro: #Ham4Vid (feat. [personal profile] fiercynn and the Richard Rodgers Theatre steps)

We Got History, by [personal profile] such_heights [multifandom, 2015]

Parachute, by [personal profile] thingswithwings [Leverage]

Warriors, by jarrow [The 100]

Rescue, by [personal profile] cosmic_llin [Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries]

Einstein and Eddington, by obsessive24 [Einstein and Eddington]

I Could Be, by [personal profile] actiaslunaris [Selfie]

Landsailor, by [personal profile] skygiants [Legend of Korra]

Cake To Bake, by ohvienna [The Great British Bakeoff]

The Temptation of John Sheppard, by [personal profile] isagel [Stargate: Atlantis]

Suddenly I See, by [personal profile] kuwdora [Castle]

Icarus, by Yunuen [Star Trek: AOS]

Blue/Pink, by [personal profile] beccatoria [Steven Universe]

I Gotta Feeling, by [personal profile] elipie [Hamilton]

Act II - Premieres

Intro: The Adventures of Clyde (feat. [personal profile] feedingonwind as Sherlock and [personal profile] fiercynn as Joan)

Take Me To Church, by [personal profile] unfinishedidea [In The Flesh]

To Wreck, by [personal profile] jedusaur [multifandom, Whedonverse]

The Raven Cycle, by Rhea314 [The Raven Cycle]

i don't feel so well, by [personal profile] feedingonwind [Hannibal]

Grenade, by [personal profile] scribe and [personal profile] fiercynn [multifandom]

Act II - Non-Premieres

Help!, by [personal profile] purplefringe [Sleepy Hollow]

Fire-Starter, by [personal profile] violace [Supergirl]

TV Taught Me How To Feel, by almostgaby [Community]

Been Better, by [personal profile] lithiumdoll [Killjoys]

Harbor, by [personal profile] kaydeefalls [Merlin]

My Best Friend, by [personal profile] killabeez [Lost Girl]

I Lived, by [personal profile] flummery [Captain America/Agent Carter]

Oh Canada, by gigglemonster [multifandom, C6D]


I MEANT TO TELL YOU: those intro vids were ADORABLE. Loved them both.
CO-SIGNED, those were amazing!!!
*showers you with all the shiny vidding sparkles*
agreed. the vids were AMAZING. and the intros were prefect!

And yes thanks to Bryn for everything! :)
All the feels!!!

The vids were even more entertaining than expected! Thanks to all the vid artists for their hard work and creativity, and to you for presenting them!
Thanks for the great vid show!