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Apr. 7th, 2017

bro, stay down


Dreamwidth Migration

Hey everyone! Given LJ's new TOS, we've created a Dreamwidth mirror of this comm, and main planning for BP 2018 will happen there. We'll crosspost here as long as we can and also use Tumblr and Twitter, but we're not sure how long that will be, so please bookmark the DW site and join us there if you can.

We're at: http://bitchinparty.dreamwidth.org.

Oct. 13th, 2016

bro, stay down


Planning Survey for BP 2018!

Hey folks,

If you've attended BP in the past, please help us make sure BP 2018 is as amazing as possible by filling out this planning survey:


There will be many more opportunities to tell us what you want, but this will help guide us as we get going on planning, so please take a few minutes to fill it out if you can. Thanks!

Jun. 26th, 2016

John Watson



brynnmck was kind enough to let me interview her about the history of Bitchin' Party for my fandomzine TheseCuriousTimes. Please check it out! And thank you again brynnmck! It really was a bitchin' party!

Jun. 4th, 2016

bro, stay down


Bitchin' Party 2: The Bitchening

Hello Bitchin' Partiers!

If you have been sad about 2016's BP being the LAST BP, we have excellent news – BP will live again in 2018! A small group of us (jarrow, exmanhater, jedusor, akemi42, and rhea314) were just as sad as everyone else to think of BP ending, and decided we wanted to help it live on. Brynn will be enjoying her well-earned retirement, but with her blessing (and her guidance, even more importantly), we'll be carrying on the grand tradition.

This is a great con that we all enjoy (and which has meant a lot to each of us), so we won't be drastically changing anything. That said, we're very open to feedback and ideas, so look for more posts about that, and ways to volunteer, in the future as we get closer to the actual dates. For now, put BP on your calendar for April 2018, and keep following the comm or the official BP Twitter and Tumblr accounts!

Apr. 8th, 2016

Addictions A and B - [sdwolfpup]



Agh, I should have done this when we closed out the con, but I was a LITTLE FLUSTERED, so. Some overdue but EXTREMELY heartfelt thanks to the exceptional people who helped make BP 2016 happen!


- All of our fantastic registration table volunteers, who helped everyone feel welcome and find their way ♥

- All of our brilliant panel mods; I had such a great time in all the panels I attended, and I heard the same from so many people--thank you, moderators, for your ideas and your enthusiasm and your excellent guidance of some wonderful conversations

- me_maneuver, for her fantastic panel coordination AND craft box wrangling--facilitating and creating the BP schedule is a LOT of work and she has done it cheerfully and smoothly for the last few BPs and I am enormously grateful

- [personal profile] fiercynn and [personalprofile] scribe for a truly phenomenal vidshow (raise your hand if you cried AT LEAST twice) (raise your hand if at least one of those times was from joy)

- troyswann, for years of carefully crafted, rock awesome Bitchin' Dance Mixes

- catwalksalone, for eeeeeeeeeeeevil and hilarious Pictionary clues (with assists from sdwolfpup, minim_calibre, and china_shop)

- My roomies troyswann, catwalksalone, and entropical87, for schlepping, setup, anticipation and DOING of various things that needed to be done, question-answering, pancake-and-bacon-making, careful application of temporary tattoos to my boobs (IT TAKES A VILLAGE), late-night giggling, early morning giggling, midday giggling, and for generally being incredible and supportive and wonderful

I also wanted to say thank you again (slightly more coherently this time) to those of you who took the time to share your BP memories, as well as the very sweet things about me. I haven't worked my way through all of them yet, because FEELINGS, but that beautiful jar of goodness is now one of my most prized possessions, and I'll always treasure it, and the thought and care (and no small amount of Seekrit Spy shenanigans) that went into it. THANK YOU. <333333333

And as always, thank you more than I can say to all of you who showed up and made BP 2016--as well as the previous ones--a reality. Running this con has been enormously meaningful, rewarding, and life-altering for me, and every year I've been blown away by our attendees' enthusiasm, intelligence, generosity, hilarity, talent, creativity, incisiveness, badassery, open-heartedness, and courage. My goal as an organizer has always been to try to provide a framework where everyone can feel welcome and comfortable so that your awesomeness can shine as brightly as possible, and there has been a nonstop parade of awesomeness on your part for the last eight years. I'm so proud of our collective power, and it's been truly awe-inspiring to be in the middle of that.

A couple of final notes:

- For those who are curious, I have had a few people express interest in potentially taking over the con--no one is anywhere near committing to it yet, so there is no substantive news to share, but don't unfollow all the BP stuff just yet!

- If you particularly enjoyed an aspect of the con--a panel/panels, the vidshow, the sweet jams on the dance mix--it would be awesome if you shared that in the comments, to join me in thanking the hardworking people who made it happen!

Thanks, y'all. It's been an honor. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Apr. 7th, 2016

Isabella with a SWORD



Hi guys! Sorry this took us so long to put up, but here is the full list of the vid show from Saturday night!

[personal profile] scribe and I had SUCH a wonderful time putting together the vid shows for both BP 2014 and 2016, and we really hope you enjoyed it as well! Thanks again to everyone who made it happen - the vidders who let us show their masterpieces, [personal profile] feedingonwind for agreeing to be filmed, and, of course, brynnmck for EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD.

Oh, and if you enjoyed the vids, please please please go let the vidders know how much! They will appreciate it more than you know.

And, without further ado!

Act ICollapse )

Act II - PremieresCollapse )

Act II - Non-PremieresCollapse )
Addictions A and B - [sdwolfpup]


Pictionary clue recap!

I wanted to post the full, awe-inspiring glory of this year's Pictionary clues, including the ones that didn't get drawn, because... wow. Most of these were contributed by catwalksalone, with guest appearances by china_shop (upcycled from BP 2014), sdwolfpup, and minim_calibre. Thank you SO MUCH for providing this ~inspiration~, and thank you to the brave souls who attempted to turn the cold monochrome of a typed page into beautiful, technicolor art. With penises. THANK YOU. ♥

As always, I would read the shit out of several of theseCollapse )
Addictions A and B - [sdwolfpup]



You: in the Deadpool t-shirt, flailing about Star Wars. Me: metallic tattoo on my boob, trying to convince you that BB-8 and Kermit the Frog are MFEO. But I couldn't read your name badge! WHO WERE YOU, MYSTERY FANPERSON?!

In the comments, feel free to post any scenarios like the one above, OR post your fannish identities/platforms so that other fen can come find you in the post-con "who do I need to add, now?" frenzy. YAY NEW FRIENDS. \o/
Addictions A and B - [sdwolfpup]


Following up on Rec My Fandom!

Hi all! I just wanted to (belatedly, sorry) provide a place for all of our awesome fandom reccers to recap their recs for the edification of all. (Also, no, YOU went home and immediately watched all of "Billy & Billie." YOU did that.)

Please share your squee in the comments!

Apr. 6th, 2016

Pepper and Nat are on to you


Ladies of the MCU Panel Recs

Thanks again to everyone who came to the panel, and especially to lucefuge_5 for co-modding!

Here are the femmeslash recs I was able to take down. Please feel free to add any I missed or that have come to mind since the panel!

recsCollapse )

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