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me_maneuver in bitchinparty

2012 Pacificon Schedule!

Woo HOO! \o/ We are less than one month away from this Bitchin' Party!

We are all ready to go with the con programming schedule, so I thought I'd post it a few days early. There are so many great panels happening this year, I know we have some difficult decisions to make!




*quick note*
If you are a mod on multiple panels, I split them up as much as possible - mostly on different days.

Full panel list:

Saturday -- Room A

10:00: History of Us: The Evolution of Fandom
How has fandom changed and evolved since it began? We'll share our own earliest memories of fandom, indulge in some nostalgia about fandom of yesteryear, and then trace it forward through time: how has fandom changed, for better and for worse? What have been the major turning points? And what are our predictions (and hopes and dreams) for fandom's future?
(Moderator: lucifuge_5, podklb)

11:00: If Loving You is Wrong, I don't Wanna Be Right
What are your favorite tropes in fanfiction? What's that one scenario you'll read no matter what--even if it's a badfic wip with dialect, song lyrics and a hard-coded, eye-searing font. Is curtain!fic your kryptonite? Fuck-or-die? Accidental outing? Which fanfic cliché are you most embarrassed (or not!) to be so besotted with (and where are the recs)? Let's chat!
(Moderator: bluebrocade, brynnmck)

2:00: Why AU?
With so much canon to work with, why read/write AU? What's the appeal of making an angel a bookstore owner, a Mountie into a professor, or a scientific genius into a chef? What are the basic elements of a good AU? What do we like about them? What makes them work? What are the challenges for both writers and readers?
(Moderator: mizface, hazelwho)

3:00: F.O.U.F. - Fic of Unusual Format
This panel is about fanfic written in an unusual format: 2nd person POV, epistolary fic, imperative fics, comics, free-verse, non-chronological stories, etc.
What type of stories call out to be written this way? What makes them work, or not work, for us as readers? How can we, as authors, make them more effective? Let's encourage each other to take a risk and try something new!
(Moderator: keerawa, inalasahl)

Saturday -- Room B

10:00: Sherlock Holmes - A Tale of Two Sherlocks: Comparing the Sherlock Holmes movies and the BBC Sherlock TV show
The Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movies and the BBC Sherlock TV show are very different in many ways, from the setting to the tone to the way the main characters are portrayed. But they also share similarities, and both work as interesting albeit different interpretations of the classic stories.
How do these two new versions of Sherlock Holmes compare to each other and to the original stories (and the many previous movie and TV adaptations)? How are they similar and where do they differ? Which elements of the original stories do they pull from, how do they interpret these elements, and to what effect?
(Moderator: arami, suchthefangir)

11:00: Star Trek (All) - Boldly Continuing: The Revival of Star Trek Fandom
This panel will explore the revival of the Star Trek fandom following the 2009 Star Trek XI movie, and discuss with manic glee the upcoming 2012 sequel. We will also discuss classic Trek fandom in all its permutations, including favorite pairings, extended canon information, and maybe even Tom Hardy. Perfect for the long-term and more recent Trek fan, this is a great opportunity to get psyched up for Star Trek XII and start your rewatch of the entire 727 tv-and-movie canon. And the 500+ books.
(Moderator: templemarker, helens78)

2:00: Knitted Hogwarts Scarves and Crocheted Daleks: Finding a Place in Fandom as a Geeky Crafter
Did you learn to knit solely so you could make your own Gryffindor scarf? Or did you pick up a hook and teach yourself to crochet because you just had to own a plush TARDIS? If so, you’re not alone – there are more of us geeky crafters out there! Geeky crafting isn’t as widespread as writing fic, drawing fanart, or making vids – but there are lots of us out there, and we want to meet you!
Come out for an informal panel about geeky crafter culture – who we are, what we do, and how we interact with fandom. How, as crafters, do we find our place in fandom? There aren't many fandom-related craft communities out there. When do you find you interact best with non-traditional fanwork, where do you find friends or an audience? Do you sell your work? If so, how do you deal with issues of copyright and other legalities?
(Moderator: sorcha_r, ria_oaks)

3:00: Bandom - Here's My Mixtape: Getting into Bandom Ten Years Later
In the past two years, a new wave of fans have dipped their toes, if not become fully immersed, in Bandom waters. Some of the topics we'll discuss: ways to avoid being overwhelmed by the size of the canon, how is Bandom different from other fandoms that are just as old, etc.
(Moderator: lucifuge_5, andeincascade)


Sunday -- Room A

10:00: Writing What You Don't Know
How important is it to get the language and culture correct when writing in a fandom from a different country? Will it throw the reader out of the story if you call it a trash bag rather than a bin liner? Is changing your spelling and grammar going to far? Or is it necessary? Is it appropriating? Let's discuss the importance of and issues surrounding writing for a fandom from a different country, how to go about it and where to ask for help.
(Moderator: bluebrocade, minim_calibre)

11:00: Id-fic: What we want and why
We all have our id fics, the stories that we read that make us think, "Holy shit, I had no idea I wasn’t the only person who wanted orgasm denial to make Frank cry!" This panel is about those themes, those desires and narrative kinks that fandom fulfills and sometimes awakens. We’ll explore what it is about transformative work that lends itself so easily to these sorts of stories, and also address how we can get out of our own way when writing and let our ids fly. Because if you want to write about Steve Rogers being the best little sub the world has ever seen, someone out there surely wants to read it.
(Moderator: mistresscurvy)

2:00: I Hear Voices In My Head: How to Make a Mountie (or a Soldier, or an Air Force Pilot with the ATA Gene and a Thing for Brilliant Scientist Types) Think and Talk in Character
Sometimes it seems like the trickiest thing about writing fanfic - especially if you're active in multiple fandoms - is capturing the characters' voices. With certain exceptions (because when are there not?), canonical characters speak in specific ways that are part and parcel of who they are and what they represent. Getting inside the way characters communicate can make or break a story, but doing so takes more than an eye for an "ain't" or an ear for a beautiful polysyllable. What are some practical ways to learn a character's voice - and how can a writer put that voice into words in ways that read authentic and not imitative?
(Moderator: mizface)

3:00: Let us tell you a story- Podfic as collaboration
The workshop looks at ways podfic can be a collaborative process, taking in direct-to-podfic works like Spring fling and Pod_together, working with a muscial or audio editor, and creating multi voice podfics, and whatever anyone else wants to talk about!
Less a podfic 101, and more about all the different ways podfic creators can collaborate to tell stories and create fanworks, and how fandom can be a mulitmedia experience, not just a text-based one.
(Moderator: pennyplainknits)

Sunday -- Room B

10:00: Due South - due South: Keeping the fandom alive, 12 years on
It’s been over 12 years since due South ended, but the fandom is still plugging along. Some fans move on, but new ones are still entering the fandom and the show is still beloved by many. What is it about this little Canadian show from the ‘90s that still inspires devotion and still brings in new fans? What can those of us in the fandom do to keep the fandom alive and active? If you’re a new fan, what do you want to see happen in the fandom? Where do we see the fandom going from here?
(Moderator: luzula, spuffyduds, helens78)

11:00: Comics (Broad) - Bam Bam POW! Comics for the Moviegoer
As the Marvel Universe's Avengers is making it to the big screen, and the DC Universe primes for the conclusion of its prized Batman trilogy, this is a great time to become better acquainted with superhero comics fandom, or to renew your love for the men and women (and aliens) in tights! We'll provide a short primer, recs, and other materials to kick-start your foray into the wily world of comics.
(Moderator: templemarker, minim_calibre)

2:00: Kinky Bitches: A Frank Discussion of Sexual Kinks In Fanfic, What Really Goes Into Their Practices And Aftermaths, And Dispelling The Common Myths
More and more in recent years, NC-17 fics have become accepted as major parts of fandom, and more and more Kinks are becoming well known and accepted as "not too freaky" or "surprisingly hot" to "almost common, what do you mean, not EVERY person ties up their partners and fucks them with purple ice dildoes while reciting the National Anthem??" But despite kinks becoming known, beloved, and commonly read, a lot of the people writing them have no first hand experience. What are the realities of kinky sex? What actually goes into making a kink work? What tools can be used in one kinky sex act that would injure or derail a similar sex act. What are the common myths about kink, and what are ways to dispel them? A lot of people love to read and write kink, but everyone wants to read and write well written kink even more. Let's act as a community to help each other do that, pooling information, sharing what we know, and teaching the masses how much fun kink can be!
(Moderator: torra, krytella, helens78)

3:00: Sherlock (BBC) When John Met Sherlock...
Let's talk about the fantastic BBC series, Sherlock! Is Sherlock really a "high functioning sociopath"? What is the true nature of his relationship with John? Why does John put up with him? Why does he put up with John? What of his other relationships: Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft? Let's leave no stone unturned as we deduce why this modern adaption of Sherlock is so brilliant.
(Moderator: bluebrocade, keerawa)


First, a big TYK to the fangirls organizing the con and the fangirls modding. Secondly, squeeing at all the sparkly offerings. Thirdly, weeping that to choose a panel is to miss another panel at the same time.

Damn but there are times it would be good to be a Cylon...could send a copy to each panel and then upload to shareware.
I flapped my hands when I saw that on the schedule, omg. So much flapping and glee.
WooHoo!!!! Only one real conflict this time! Most excellent schedule - is it end of March yet???
Are you thinking of the crossover panel? That tied with the podfic panel twice and the concom made an executive decision to diversify the panels and go with the non-writing option.

However, please feel free to run a room panel (room party)! There was clearly a lot of interest in this topic and I'm sure people would love to get together and chat about crossovers. :)
Hey, me_maneuver, I was wondering if we would could have access to an Internet connection and a hook-up to a document camera or something that would allow us to display the screen of a laptop/iPad to the room for the FOUF panel?
Hey there!

I have a message out to bryn right now checking on that. I should be able to let you know for sure pretty soon.
Okay! Now, I know for sure.

Yes, the hotel provides an internet connection, but no projector. It is the same set up as last time. I know this wasn't the answer you were looking for! I hope we can come up with a creative solution. :)
Ah well. Keep Calm and Soldier On.
We'll manage. There may be something archaic like pieces of paper involved...
No joke, I totally forget how awesome paper is sometimes. I spent a good 15 min trying to get a checklist on my computer in a way I wanted it. I finally gave up and wrote it out on paper... BRILLIANT! Pen and paper... who knew?
If you have a moment, could you add keerawa as co-mod for the Sherlock BBC panel and brynnmck as co-mod for 'If Loving You is Wrong..' to this post? Thanks!
All updated! :)